“Drawing and the Brain”

“Drawing and the Brain”, a symposium gathering artists, architects and scientists, convenes to discuss the primacy of the sketch as the creative tool of invention and discovery in art and design. Today, the sketch remains an integral part of artistic inquiry yet it has been all but supplanted by digital media in design fields like architecture. Though plans, sections and elevations are produced by the computer, the sketch is a tool of invention and discovery. It requires the tactile involvement of the human hand and its direct relationship to the brain. The symposium addresses questions of authorship and mark-making; drawing and the human voice; the relationship between hand and brain; and the potential for creation of “digital/tactile machines” able to emulate touch and mark-making. Empirical discourse from the artist and architect supported by data from scientists and engineers seeks to redefine the role of drawing as a primary expression of creativity in architecture without ignoring technology.

All portions of this event are free and open to the public.

Dates: April 7-10, 2016

IUCA+D Columbus/Indiana University Center for Art + Design
310 Jackson St, Columbus, IN 47201
Phone:(812) 375-7550

WFIU Radio Interview

Cerebral Graffiti: To Access The Mind, Reach For The Pencil by Yael Ksander, Arts Desk Editor, WFIU
A conversation with T. Kelly Wilson, IUCA+D Director, and Rob Goldstone, IU Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences


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Fine Arts Building, 1201 E 7th St., Lower level near Showalter Fountain
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  • Saturday, April 9: Leave at 8:00 am, return by 6:15 pm
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